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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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authorities aware. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm iain page. new developments in the investigation tonight. plus some gut wrenching survivor stories including that of our own fox 29 intern wounded in the orlando massacre. first though the latest on the investigation. mateen's wife could now be facing arrest for tipping off authorities about the tragedy. meanwhile, fbi is investigating reports mateen visited pulls several times at attack. he had profiles on gay dating apps. he's accused of of killing 49 people and shooting more than 50 others many of whom who remain in the hospital. >> fox 29 intern speaking out from the hospital about what it was like trying to hide from the gunman during the horrific massacre. patience carter says she was vacationing with her friends tiara parker and akyra murray and they were excited to go to a popular orlando nightclub. murray would not make it out alive. patience carter says it was supposed to be the best night of their lives and it turned out to
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be the worst. all in a matter of minutes. she says if it weren't for another person shielding her from the gunfire, she might not be here. >> we laid there for hours and hours hoping that someone came and got us and hoping that the police would come through at that point in time and just like save us all. >> 20-year-old patience carter a fox 29 intern describing the horror of being trapped in a orlando nightclub bathroom as gunman goes on wild shooting rampage. patience and dozens of others shot. some killed including her friend akyra murray who had just graduated west catholic prep last monday. >> i looked across and i could see my best friend on the floor and akyra just looking lifeless and at that point i was just like i really don't think i'm going to get out of here. >> patience says at one point the shooter's gun jammed. >> he was like, testimonyn like it jammed. so with my face under the stall looking i could see him put down
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his machine gun and try to -- you could hear him trying to click in, fix his handgun. >> patience says the gunman remained in the bathroom for what seemed like forever. she says the shooter spoke to them directly claiming he was doing this because america has to stop bombing his country. she says he also seemed to be communicating with someone else on the phone, someone she thinks may have also been involved. >> whoever he spoke to, um, and, you know, some police officers said maybe he was dee ranged maybe he was talking to himself but i honestly feel like -- i don't think he was able to pull that off all by himself that one man all by himself. >> patience is thankful to be alive when so many others died including her 18-year-old friend a carry rat young gift victim. patience wrote a poem she recited from her hospital in orlando about the guilt of surviving such an ordeal. >> when you lay beside individuals who lives are brut brutally taken the guilt of
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being alive is heavy. >> patience carter was strong and composed as she described the terror she endured but she did break down in tears at the end of that hospital news conference. her pain is far deeper than just the gunshot wounds to her legs. another survivor with local ties also speaking today at that news conference. >> angel santiago recently moved from south philadelphia to orlando and was shot twice during the pulse nightclub mass killings. sounding strong and composed, angel santiago reflected on the hours of terror they and his friends experienced hiding in a bathroom stall after being shot all while the gunman roamed the pulse nightclub. >> i was bleeding, my friend jeff was bleeding a lot. i was in -- on the ground in a pool of blood. i wasn't sure who's it was but i felt like it was my friend jeff's because he was hit right around here. i could see a bullet hole right here. >> angel was able to drag himself out of the bathroom and alert police officers of the
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other still trapped in there although clearly in need of time to heal both physically and emotional angel says he's extremely grateful but also shocked to be alive. make sure to stay with fox 29 with all your continuing developments in this story. we've got full coverage on our website including patience carter's moving poem about her guilt making it out of that nightmare alive. it's all there on our website. developing to night the search for a killer. fox 29 cameras in fairmount park earlier today where police say someone dumped a woman's body and investigators say she had been shot and stabbed. >> now they want to know who did it and who left her in that park. let's get straight out to fox 29's dave schratwieser he's live at philadelphia police headquarters tonight. dave. >> when crime scene investigators and homicide detectives arrived on the scene out near the mann center this morning in fairmount park, they found a lot of signs of a struggle and tonight detectives tell me the victim in this case may have been tortured. >> we believe that this murder happened somewhere else and she was dumped at this locate.
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>> reporter: a couple on their way to work spotted the body of a woman just off georgia hill drive behind the mann center in fairmount park around 8:30 tuesday morning. they called police. homicide detectives and crime scene investigators arrived quickly and got right to work. >> they found an unidentified black female who was handcuffed with her hands to the front, she had been stabbed multiple times and she was shot one time in the back of the head. >> reporter: investigators believe the woman in her late 20s was in the park for 10 to 15 hours. they also believe she may have been tortured. >> i believe she was in a fight for her life. um, and unfortunately, she lost. >> reporter: police say the victim's defensive wounds were on her hands and arms. they say she had several tattoos on her body. >> she has the word loyal l-o-y-a-l across her chest. she has the word cash spelled k-a money sign for s and an h on her right wrist and she has a
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tattoo of arose on her right thigh. >> reporter: homicide detectives are checking reports of missing persons across the area. they're not linking this murder to any other crimes in the area of the park at this point. and they don't believe the victim was sexually assaulted. >> we do not believe so. obviously we'll have a rape kit conducted but we don't believe so. >> reporter: now police do not yet again have an identity on the victim at this point. they did not find a murder weapon at the scene there. they did find other evidence which they would not disclose and they did say a vehicle was used to dump the body there. they are telling us they hope to identify the victim tonight we had bring you the latest on the investigation tonight coming up at 10:00. iain? >> dave, we'll see you then, thank you. checking in on your fox 29 weather authority now. we take live look into old city. it was a beautiful day across our area. very low humidity but could some showers put a damper on the rest of the week. meteorologist scott williams tracking that now. scott? we have a chance for some rain not so much tomorrow
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but by the latter part of the week we'll replace the sunshine with the clouds and, yes, you'll need the umbrellas but beautiful weather right now here in old city. nothing but sunshine. 78 degrees right now. that's the current high temperature for today. but look at the the humidity 25%. dew point right now at 40. any time dew points are below 60 it really feels comfortable but 40 really unheard for june. so dry, quiet not a cloud in the sky. but look off to the west around the great lakes the upper midwest showers and thunderstorms that system will head in our direction for the latter part of the week. but beautiful weather get outdoors and enjoy it. once again, no problems if you're stepping out this evening. those temperatures are going to be really comfortable but coming up, we'll time out the rain later in the week. all right, thank you, scott. police are trying to track down a driver who struck and killed a teenager near roosevelt boulevard in northeast philadelphia. investigators say victim had the right of way when she crossed the street.
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>> but so did the driver that hit her. let's get right out to bruce gordon whose live at the scene of that deadly accident in northeast philadelphia. bruce? >> reporter: guys, philadelphia teenager is dead tonight. struck by a hit-and-run driver here at rows vessel boulevard and adams avenue. tragic story made all the more tragic by the fact that the timing of the light cycles at this intersection may have cow cribbed to the accident. you'll have tour give pedestrians for feeling like sitting ducks. it's the timing of the lights at ocean vest boulevard and adams avenue. as the walk light flashes on to cross adams, northbound traffic on the boulevard gets a green light to make a soft right hand curve on to adams at 40 miles an hour or better. right into the pedestrian crosswalk. >> nobody knows which way to go. i'm assuming you've had to dance it round -- >> i had to do it two weeks ago. i'm walking i'm like, what do i do here? i just went around. >> reporter: philadelphia police say 17-year-old march
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kayla jackson was struck and killed in exactly that fashion monday night just after 11:30. she was crossing adams they say southbound and she was hit by a northbound mini van making that soft right hand curve on to ad adam. the driver then took off. >> the easiest thing could have been -- good thing to do would have been to pull over and call 911 and report what happened and stay there until the police got there. this didn't happen in this case. >> reporter: you're going northbound and making that right turn it's really just a soft curve. i called penndot about the light timing. they said they will talk to city traffic engineers about possible fix. again, just as pedestrians get the okay to cross the street, 40 miles an hour northbound traffic on the boulevard gets its green light to head right at them. >> this walkway got to change. it these change the timing lights. they got to give them like at least 20 seconds before that light turns. >> reporter: police want to captain hit-and-run driver but they also acknowledge this intersection itself a problem. the streets depth has designed it that way for whatever reason,
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i don't know. and it may have caused -- it may have caused the crash. >> reporter: interestingly penndot records show just two accidents involving pedestrians at this intersection over the five years preceding monday night's fatal accident. but, again, there's clearly potential for trouble every time those lights turn green. if you know anything about that light colored older model mini van with some front end damage and clear al very fresh broken front windshield, call police. iain? >> all right, bruce, thank you. rivals on the campaign trail but tonight hillary clinton and bernie sanders are meeting face to face. what this could mean for them next month in philadelphia at the democratic national convention. plus eagles kicker cody parkey opens his home to shelter dog. how he says this rescue is helping him on the field. howard? >> the phillies have a streak going that not many teams in baseball can claim at this point in the season. ton make a putt for an amateur golfer that gets him
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into the us open golf, lucky golfer coming up in sports.
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♪ breaking news at teenager is stabbed in west philadelphia. fox 29 on the 4900 block of walton avenue. that's where a 17-year-old was stabbed five times. he is listed in critical condition right now at penn presbyterian hospital. police are looking for a suspect in his 30s and the weapon that was used to commit the crime. investigators say the boy was stabbed throw times in the chest, once in the ribs and once in the thigh. eight hour manhunt for accused killer ends in our area. pennsylvania state police captured eric shoot in chester county today. the 32-year-old cues of fatally shooting three people in west virginia over an apparent property dispute. he does have ties to our area. police say he used to live in pennsville township, salem county with his mother. >> elderly woman hit by a septa bus last week in the city's chestnut hill section has died. it was last thursday when 76-year-old elizabeth o'malley
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and her daughter were hit by the bus along germantown avenue at gravers lane. police telling us today that o'malley died saturday as a result of her injuries. her daughter was treated for less serious injuries. you decide now. hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders will meet tonight in washington, d.c. as the district holds the final primary for this election cycle. political analysts say the meeting could set the tone for the democratic party convention next month in philadelphia. sanders says the private meet log help him determine how committed clinton will be to progressive issues that he's campaigned on during the prime mary's ahead of the meeting he's declined to endorse clinton or say if he'll suspend his campaign. during the summer months many more dogs and cats arrive at animal shelters. >> yeah, and one philadelphia eagle is encouraging people to adopt a fluffy new pet from a shelter. cody parker taking to the field today with some very cute pups all of these furry guys and girls are available for adopti
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adoption. parkey has his own dog at home that he too adopted from the philadelphia animal rescue save me. >> he kind of gives me discipline. i good home and all right, i got to do our tricks, we got to do this. kind of like me like i have to come in and i have to kick. very similar in that but i got to teach him to shag footballs or something. >> that was cute puppy. pup taking to the field today from save me animal shelter in philadelphia. they have a lot of animals up for adoption. my own berkeley came from save me as well. >> really? >> yeah. >> good for if you. good for cody as well. in north philadelphia city officials breaking ground on new community center the mlk older adult center will be at 21st and cecil b. moore. $4.3 million project will serve adults in the neighborhood and construction starts in just two weeks. back to your fox 29 weather authority. and it was a gorgeous day around the area. i don't even want to think about
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possible showers. scott? >> well, dawn, not so much tomorrow but then by thursday. so you still have another nice day to enjoy the pleasant weather that we've been seeing across the area. really was a picture perfect day not a cloud in the sky. low humidity and very comfortable temperatures. highs into the upper 70s. but the thicker clouds showers and storms off to the west that's the system that will head in our direction by thursday. so as we look at the chances for rain over the next several days, you can see rea really ram morng up on thursday it look like the first half of the day the wettest but we'll keep lingering showers thursday afternoon and evening and also as we move into early friday before things start to dry out giving way to a really nice father's day weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. 79 right now atlantic city. 78 in dover. 76 currently in pottstown. so if you're walking the dog in the garden or the backyard, looking pretty good for your tuesday evening across the area. we have 69 at the boardwalk.
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69 beach haven. 66 avalon, 75 degrees in wildwood. high pressure still in control. but you can see it will lose its grip as we watch this system approach from the west during the day tomorrow. so sun to start but thicker clouds in the afternoon. most of the rain stays to our south. 81 degrees will be the high temperature for tomorrow. so we'll zoom in a little closer a lot of sunshine to start. by this time tomorrow, filtered sunshine thicker clouds moving in maybe some showers approaching the western part of the state. by 10:00 p.m., we're mostly cloudy and then by thursday morning we're looking at areas of rain north and west lehigh valley maybe perhaps into sections of lancaster, chester county, new castle, salem county looking at some showers. we'll kind of keep scattered showers throughout the day on your thursday as that system kind of sets up shop across the area. then thursday night most of the rain to our south still keeping clouds, though, around the western part of the stay. so for tonight it's going to be comfortable. mid 50s in the bushes.
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60 in the city. 81-degrees the high temperature tomorrow and the seven day forecast showing you cooler conditions on friday. high only 73 degrees. lingering clouds maybe an early shower friday but look at father's day weekend. 83 saturday. 84 degrees on sunday. and then heating up to kick off summer and also tuesday. what about the us open forecast. oakmont we're looking at showers likely on thursday. highs in the mid 70s. maybe some lingering showers friday. but then the upcoming weekend looking picture perfect items ands in the low 80s. maybe a delay in play on thursday. we'll keep you posted. >> all right. sounds good. i'm looking forward to that this weekend. >> not a delay of play. >> no. >> exactly. >> all right. the dream of a lifetime for a local golfer from an area college qualifies fort us open golf tournament. and the phillies had another game they will not forget today and a streak that's hard to accomplish. that's all coming up in sports.
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those phillies they were scheduled to play a nine inning game today at toronto and because of the injury to vince valez quiz jeff came up from the minor leagues and not good day. the game was over after three innings. let's go to toronto and take a look. there's zach, his first major league start up from the minors. theirs his family they flew in
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for the game not a good game to watch. second inning. down one to nothing. kevin, lead off homer, two to nothing toronto. let's go to the third. this was the end for zach. core rare rah a two run homer. that make it five-zero but not over yet for zach. it is over after this hitter. josh donaldson. bases loaded. bad pitch. josh donaldson is a grand slam. nine to nothing toronto leads zach two and two-thirds innings. the phillies have not won back to back games since may 17th. they lose toronto 11-three. 2016 u.s. open starts thursday at oakmont country club outside of pittsburgh. the field of 156 golfers, a student from drexel university. the first player ever to play in an open from drexel. chris crawford from horsham ne needed to make this 40-foot putt in a qualifier last monday in summit, new jersey, and he made
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it! close to 10,000 non exempt players failed to qualify but chris crawford is in one of 10 amateurs in the field. >> i do remember taking the putter back and looking up and seeing the ball was halfway there and praying it was going to catch that left side of the hole which it did and after that i it was just a blur. >> at age 22, chris will live out a dream. this week and play in the us open in his home state. >> honestly a big part of what i'm looking forward to is just being around the clubhouse. being around that locker room, you know, the history that oakmont has. almost unparalelled in this countri' golfing history. so that's a big part of for me. going and taking all of that me. i've been lucky. .i've had rah lot of people that supported me and consider myself fortunate. >> what a dream. first and second round coverage of us open starts this thursday at 10:00 a.m. on fox sports one. we'll have coverage here on fox
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29 starting at 5:00 o'clock on thursday. 40-foot putt amazing any way. >> when you make it. >> to qualify. incredible. >> it is incredible. >> can you imagine how he felt when it really went in. >> i've had them go in but to the nor a u.s. open qualifier. >> all right. >> be sure to join us tonight for the fox 29 news at 10:00. this guy walked in a restaurant a local restaurant said he was a firefighter. he claimed he was there to help protect people but police say it was all a lie. what he did next that has police on the look out. and that will do it for us here tonight at 6:00. we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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did he have a secret life. >> do you think he is gay. >> the shooter's wife. >> did you know your husband was going to do? >> did she know about the attack? could she face charges. >> inside the gunman's apartment. the "star wars" decorations. the wedding photos. doctors and survivors speak out. what happened to this high school graduate as she prayed to stay alive. >> he said, hey you, on another person, then shot another person. >> why did it take cops three hours to end the bloody siege? >> you don't know who is with him, if he was alone, acted alone. >> the world in mourning. >> lady gaga


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